How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How often you should wash your hair is a question that many people ask. The answer, however, is not always black and white. Depending on your hair type and lifestyle, you may need to wash your hair more or less frequently than the average person. So, how often should you wash your hair?

Factors that make hair oily

Some people have oily skin. They have more fat on their face and are more likely to get acne. But sometimes, the skin type can change depending on what is happening in their life.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal disruptions can sometimes increase the amount of sebum your body produces. If you have this problem, it might mean that you have an endocrine disease.

Frequent scratching

This procedure is a good scalp massage. It will help the sebaceous glands work better and produce more sebum.

Misuse of thermal devices

The heat from the sun makes the hair strands dry out. They lose moisture. To restore the water balance, the glands produce sebum.

Improper use of care products

Some different masks and balms are designed specifically for hair. Putting this type of cosmetic on your scalp will create a film that will make the sebaceous glands produce more oil.

Aggressive staining

Chemicals can cause your hair to dry. To fix this, your body will start making more sebum.


When you are stressed, it harms your whole body. Your body produces more adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones make your skin produce more oil.

Three factors that determine the frequency of washing your hair

The frequency of washing strands for each person is individual. It depends on genetic characteristics, age, hair condition, and health. Dermatologists recommend considering the following factors to choose the optimal regularity of washing.

Skin type

It is recommended to wash your hair every two weeks if your skin type is normal. However, if your scalp is dry, you can limit yourself to once a week. It will make your hair look well-groomed and healthy.

People with oily hair should only wash it once every three days. However, if someone has washed their hair daily for a long time, they need to switch to this schedule gradually. Then, oil production will stabilize.

Hair texture

It affects the rate of sebum distribution along the entire hair length.

Hair of dense texture is washed every three days. Maybe even less often. Most often, these are dry strands that need hydration and nutrition.

You should wash curly hair as little as possible. Dermatologists advise carrying out “bath procedures” for strands every 4-7 days. The thicker the hair, the less often you should wash your hair.

Smooth strands get fat much faster than wavy ones. Therefore, it is recommended to wash such hair every 2-3 days.

Thin hair gets oily very quickly. Therefore, you must often wash every 2-3 days.


You need to think about your hairstyle when you’re choosing shampoo. Long hair gets more polluted and needs to be washed more often than short hair. Short hair is easier to keep clean because it can be air-dried more easily.

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