Types Of Aging: How To Determine Your Type

There are so many kinds of aging that it can be hard to determine which type you are. But don’t worry, help is here! This blog post will outline the most common types of aging and how to determine which one you belong to. Knowing your type of aging will help you better understand your body and improve your quality of life. So read on, and find out what type of aging you have.

Tired face

The most favorable type of face is oval or rhombus-shaped. Slender women with normal skin usually have this type of face. The subcutaneous muscles are pretty developed, meaning the signs of withering are not too noticeable.

In the morning, women with this type of skin look young. But by the evening, signs of age appear on their faces. Their skin loses some of its elasticity, and muscle tone decreases.

People with this type need good sleep. They should choose cosmetics that help collagen production, like creams and serums. Some procedures like muscle tone enhancement and collagen synthesis promotion can be useful for them.

Edematous type

This type of face is common in overweight women with oily skin with large pores. They will often have a swollen face with a lot of subcutaneous fat. The main symptom is a swollen face. The skin is loose, and the shape of the face “floats” around. Jowls and a second chin can form, and the skin on the upper eyelids will swell and hang. However, this type of face usually has few wrinkles, and the skin remains smooth for a long time.

swollen face

The best way to help yourself is to lose weight. For daily care, try products with hyaluronic and ascorbic acid. These will help stimulate collagen synthesis. If you want something more gentle, you can try sculptural massage, peeling, or mesotherapy. You can also try stimulating the muscles with microcurrents.

Wrinkled type

People with thin, delicate, and dry skin, with a thin layer of subcutaneous fat, but well-developed facial muscles often have a lot of wrinkles. They don’t have enough fluid. As a result, the shape of their face is preserved for a long time, but their skin gets easily irritated and saggy over time. The wrinkles usually appear in the corners of the lips, eyes, and all over the face.

If you smoke, it is important to quit. Smoking can damage your skin and make it more dry and wrinkled. You should also avoid excessive sun exposure and use moisturizing creams and milk daily. You can also try massages, mesotherapy, superficial peeling, or contouring treatments.

Muscular type

People with this type of face tend to have well-developed facial muscles and a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. Age-related changes in people with this type of face occur late – they look young for a long time:

  • The oval of the face does not blur.
  • There are no wrinkles.
  • The skin remains elastic.

Then very quickly, in one or two years, the face quickly ages: deep wrinkles form at the mouth and cheeks, the upper eyelid swells and begins to hang over the eyes, and wrinkles appear around the eyes.

The skin with this type of aging needs to be moisturized regularly. It must be taken into account when choosing daily care cosmetics. From cosmetic procedures, beauty injections can be useful. In the future, eyelid surgery may be required.

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